American guy dressed up in a Swiss costume, while the Swiss guy dressed up like an American

When any couple from two different countries get together, it’s important that you share your cultures.

For one same-sex couple living in Zurich, Swirzerland, they decided to take that literally with a cute engagement photo shoot.
The American dressed up in lederhosen and carried an aiphorn, while his Swiss fiancé wore jeans, a ‘I HEART LA’ t-shirt and carried a (photoshopped) eagle.

The photo was taken in a tiny studio in downtown Los Angeles in front of a white background; everything else is digital.
Taken by celebrity photographer Gabriel Goldberg, the picture has gone viral.


Posting on Reddit, the American responded to the kind comments and well wishes.

They did get a little criticism for the supposed ‘inaccuracies’ of the Swiss costume.

‘Technically there is lederhosen in Swiss culture but it is not very common… And it is much, much more strongly associated with southern Germany (the Bavaria region),’ he said.

‘There ARE other traditional Swiss clothes that I tried to get, but they are impossible to source in Los Angeles, even at the big Hollywood wardrobe rental houses.’Ultimately I settled on this look because, frankly, most Americans who see this photo will assume that the lederhosen is perfect, and most Swiss will give me a pass since technically it is not incorrect, just uncommon. ? and hey, it’s my photo, so I consider it to be fair “artistic license.”‘



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