A father has spoken of how a technical hitch saw him come out to his family.

The man shared his awkward story on Reddit, going only by the username Thrwwyniner.

He described how he’d been going through a divorce when he downloaded the app, and had thought the situation was watertight.

However an alleged glitch by Apple led his son – also on the family iTunes account – to discover some surprising apps.
He had downloaded gay dating apps Scruff and DaddyHunt for his personal use.

He’d then acquired a function by which to stop other users seeing the apps on his phone.


“Apple provided me with a function to hide the apps I downloaded, whether gay, violent or Grumpy Cat, and that hide function failed,” he said.

“I take full responsibility for downloading the apps but I also expect software to function as advertised.”

“Apple’s family sharing… a parent is the primary account (and payee), the children have their own accounts that you can budget or require approval before purchasing.

“One cool part is that we can share each other’s apps.

“There’s a feature to hide apps from my download list… but it didn’t function as intended.

“It wasn’t a communal account… it’s my account as the primary with the kids account tied to it for billing.

“That’s why I foolishly assumed the HIDE feature would actually hide my apps from my kids.”

However the function did not work as intended.
he added: “I mean, there’s an app to remotely control a vibrator on that list too.”

The app malfunction was definitely not how he intended to come out to his son.

According to his responses in the comments of the thread, his former wife still doesn’t know.

But the mistake hasn’t stopped him using the story to come out to his son.

“We had a brief exchange”, he says of his father son relationship.

“I had the chance to tell him that however I am, it doesn’t change how I feel about him.

“He’s my son and I will always love him.

“We will definitely need to have a one-on-one talk about this.

“Fortunately the kids have lots of positive gay/lesbian role models and we live in a liberal town so this won’t play out as a tragedy.

“I’m sure it’s still shocking to him.”

It’s not the first time a father has come out to his son in awkward circumstances.

One dad responded to his son’s coming out by replying with the exact same news.


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