Kids React series has created a special episode where children see a man proposing to a man and a woman proposing to a woman. Their reactions were awesome. Most of them thought that “it’s alright that these people [of] the same gender [who] really want to marry each other can,” as 6-year-old Dominick, put it.

There were smiles, clapping, wonder, a little confusion, but all of them were for equal love and equal rights. “I thought I would be in my 20s or 30s by the time same-sex marriage was legalized!” 13-year-old, Elle, the oldest participant exclaimed.


Same kids participated in Kids React to Gay Marriage, and while some still think that the idea is a bit dandy, others have developed new ideas.

9-year-old Samira thought that same-sex marriage was “just crazy“, when asked previously, but now she thinks “that’s a strong decision. I’m not saying it’s a bad one. It’s a good one.

7-year-old Lucas has been through a tremendous change from  “gay is bad for you because…I don’t know!” to concluding same-sex marriage is “a good decision [by which] people can have a good and happy life.


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