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What Do They See In Us?

DADDY! Alright, so like many of us – I’m pathetically single. I’m not certain how it happened – perhaps I’m just clinically insane. However, crazy or not, I’m a firm believer in dating often and damnit do I! Before you drop your jaw, no one stated dating means sleeping with someone…trust me, there’s cobwebs in my Netherlands, so you won’t see me showcasing on Instagram. Moreover, I’ve noticed I actually do have a type: Older. Yes, I’m a middle-aged, almost retired twink who has some daddy issues. I find older gentlemen, first of all, incredibly attractive and there is a spark about their wisdom I find magnetic. Of course, nothing much more than a fling has occurred between an older man and I during my mature dating life, but I’m still holding out for a hero. What I do find interesting, is I’m almost never denied a date. Career, goals, and physical appearance set aside: Why is a man about a decade older than me more than willing to wine and dine my peers and me? Is there something wrong with the older generation of the gay community?

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Okay, don’t get me wrong – I’m a catch – as are many of my peers who fall in my same age group. I have a collective group of friends, most of whom are also attracted to older men. Don’t worry, we aren’t fighting over the same pack of silver foxes – there are plenty of daddys – to go around. Yet, I look around at my gaggles of gals as we call one another and cannot help but wonder…what do the older men we date find attractive in us? I cannot speak for everyone, but I absolutely adore a man who is more intelligent than me and can lead me into some perspective. Call me a damsel in over-dramatic, Millennial distress. My friends and I obsess over reality television, hot celebrity topics, and technology. While we all have particular aspects which make us important, such as creativity and talent, we’re all a bit similar growing up in the 90s and have gotten to express ourselves as our maturing era was more or less accepted by mainstream culture. Our suitors, however, have likely lived a completely opposite life.

One of the fellow Instinct Contributors wrote an article believing Millennials should treat older gentlemen better. I was hypnotized by the article, as I have witnessed both sides of the spectrum. However, I feel as if Millennials are throwing themselves at the older generation almost for a rescue! While on dates with mature, accomplished men; I can’t help but ask: What would you see in someone my age? Whatever the reason, I’m absolutely thrilled, as I’m on a date with someone who I’m eyeballing and undressing somewhere in my mind.

Is there a reason the gay community tends to be attracted to someone from a different generation?

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