gay family

Newborn baby made a family of three for gay dads Dom and Anthony.

The birth of a kid is a miracle! It is the God’s gift that should be given to all couples in this world regadless their gender.

Two moms want to have a baby as well as two gay dads want to hear their children’s laugh in the house.

The birth of a child is always the most pleasant cause for celebration—especially in a case when parents faced and defied a lot of obstacles to bring a new life into the world.

Love gives birth to children
Love gives birth to children

This couple of gays – Anthony and Dom met in 2005 and in seven years they decided to get married. But they couldn’t consider themselves as a full family.

The main goal of their life was to become parents. And finally on November 9, 2015 their dreams came true.

Dom and Anthony became dads to their newborn son.

In the touching video below watch their long journey to fatherhood:


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