These couples are going ~ straight ~ to the big dance.

Ah, it’s that time of year again — prom season.


And with the blooming of spring flowers also comes promposals big and small — some adorable and others maybe not so much.


1. This year, it’s clear that LGBT teens didn’t miss a step when asking their dates to the big dance.

LGBT2. Like this magical take on Beauty And The Beast:

3. And this promposal filled with pride:


4. This perfect pun:

5. And this one too:


6. Wait, OK, last pun:


LGBT7. Or this mapped-out route to the big night:


LGBT8. Some might make you say, “Awww.”


9. Or, “OK, I should have done that.”


10. And others might remind you of how very single you are:

LGBT11. But mostly, just “Awww.”


12. Some LGBT teens are nervous to go to prom with their dates; others aren’t allowed to at all. For many of those lucky enough to take their special someone, prom night can be a dream come true.


13. So call it cheesy, that’s something worth being a little extra for: