This 15-year-old boy wants to know why his local MLA voted against equality and same-sex marriage.

Darragh Tibbs
“You voted no in the Marriage Equality vote of last year: I want to know why.”

This 15-year-old boy is brought up by same-sex parents. Becoming grown-up he decided to ask his local MLA to explain why same-sex marriage is blocked in the county he lives.

Same-sex marriage was legalised in England, Wales and Scotland, but it is still blocked in Northern Ireland. The Democratic Unionist Party voted against equal unions.

A majority of the Northern Irish Assembly voted in favour of same-sex marriage by 53 to 51 in 2015, but the Democratic Unionist Party blocked it for a fifth time.

Then 15-year-old teenager Darragh Tibbs, from County Down, uploaded a video to YouTube addressing the issue.

Tibbs explained that he has been living in the same-sex family for 15 years, but his parents still didn’t get the right to marry after being 21 years together.

However, he discovered that his local MLA Gordon Dunne voted against equal marriage in April 2015, and now this boy wants to get a response why it happened so.

In his letter, he says: “I am 15 years old and a constituent of yours. I live just around the corner from your office.”

“You voted no in the Marriage Equality vote of last year: I want to know why. I am the child of a same-sex relationship and I can see absolutely no reason why my brother and I should be denied a secure family set-up.”

Watch a full version of this boy’s speech below:

By the way he urges others to send letters to the MLAs who voted against equality to ask why.