Sure, you can see Justin Bieber’s booty on Instagram, and Michael Hoffman’s package on Twitter, but sometimes it’s nice to peek back in time. Gay millennials and baby boomers alike can appreciate vintage photos (some of the men are probably bisexual). Throughout history, romantic relationships between men blossomed, and many of those moments exist now only in photographs.

In 2013, The Huffington Post published a striking gallery of vintage photos of couples, and we enjoyed it so much, we decided to compile our own collection. Most of the photos were collected from Tumblr.

A vintage photo of a gay couple kissing.

A photo of a gay couple kissing on the beach.

A vintage photo of a gay couple cuddling.


A vintage gay photo of pilots.

A vintage photo of gay sailors.

A cute gay couple posing for a photo.

A photo of a gay couple doing handstands.

A gay couple cuddling in their home.

A vintage photo of a young gay couple cuddling.

A photo of a young gay couple rough housing.

Vintage gay couple

Vintage Gay Couple

Vintage Gay Couple

Vintage gay couple

15 Vintage Photos of Gay Men in Acts of Love


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