Is There Anything She Can’t Do?!

Ahh, weddings! Have you ever had to plan one? Personally speaking, I haven’t…I can barely make it passed the third date. But, one can fantasize right?! There are endless possibilities with how your special day could go. The fashion, food, colors…choosing which of your best friends will get to stand next to you and support you! I want mine to happen already, but until then, one can dream. However, there are two things I’m dead set on having at my wedding. One – my only family tradition – to have We’ve Only Just Begun by The Carpenters as my first dance. The next, which could be the most important, is who would officiate the wedding. In my twisted, zany world, I’m definitely choosing Sheri Moon Zombie to allow me to kiss my future husband. Yes, it may take some convincing from…well, anybody for a variety of reasons. But, I’m looking forward to having everything, you know, perfect. Well, since we’re speaking of who is essentially the host at your wedding…

According to Queerty, arguably my most favorite of any RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants, Alyssa Edwards officiated a gay, cowboy wedding this past weekend! Is there anything Miss Edwards can’t do?! In one of the most flamboyant sites I’ve ever seen, Edwards married Fashion Designers, Robbie Richard and Neil Marek in Dallas, Texas on December 16th.

Allegedly from a Reddit user, Edwards popped out of a cake during the wedding and it was seemingly a plot point for her new reality show. Still, it doesn’t take away from the fact that she did marry these gentlemen. I mean, it does make me give a strong side eye towards people who willingly don’t want to be the stars of their own special day. Like, you do all of this work and put in money to be a co-star just to have it filmed on a reality series? Hmm…but I digress. Edwards is a true character and seems like such a blast to be around. I’m sure she didn’t hog all of the attention.

Check out Edwards officiate the wedding below:

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