Lesbian love

When she did not wear a bra at school, looking anywhere else but there was an impossible mission. Her pear-shaped boobs were pointing at me each time her nipples got hard. I wished they got hard because of me, but she was just cold.

“What do you say we go to my place tonight?”

“Do what? Let’s go shopping instead” she replied. Shopping was not what I needed. What I needed was to have a few minutes with her, just the two of us, in my room.

“Mmm…but I have white chocolate and red wine”, I insisted, “can you really resist such an offer?” She smiled softly, not being aware of my desperate attempt to make her understand that I was insane. She was the only same-gender person who turned me on, but telling her the truth would have ruined our friendship.

Lesbian love


As we were speaking, the wind blew her hair into her beautiful face and my hand instinctively took it off, very gently. I felt something really strong that moment.

The day passed by like a breath of air. I put on some shorts that left my buttocks visible and a large white transparent T-shirt, and I waited for her. The bell rang. There I was, standing in front of the door and thinking if whether telling her the truth was a bad idea. There was no turning back.

“Hey, what took you so long? You’re so sexy”, she said, kissing me on the cheeks. It was the moment of truth. I poured enough wine into our glasses to make us forget about everything and we started telling stories, sharing thoughts and making fun of each other’s childhood.

“Claudia, you’re so much fun! I don’t understand how men run away from you”, she laughed.

“Actually, I run away from them”, I replied. She started laughing harder, without understanding what I meant. She never met any of my boyfriends; because I only had one, when I was twelve, and that was the first moment I realized how unattracted I was to men.

Lesbian love


As she was laughing, I took her hand and started licking her middle finger with my eyes closed. She stopped laughing and looked at me confused. I had no idea what I was doing or how she would react to what I was doing. All I knew was that being drunk made her sexier than ever.

“Are you horny?” Her question amazed me. I did not know what to answer. I was horny as hell, but how could I have told her the truth?

I continued licking her between the two middle fingers, imagining that I was licking her sweet vagina. I knew I was risking to lose her friendship, but I could not help myself from touching her.

“I am starting to be a little”, she whispered, crossing her legs as if she wanted to rub her clitoris with her inner thigh muscles. I was shocked. “I am probably too drunk, I should sleep.”

“No! Let’s play a little, it will be fun”, I replied, grabbing my dildo from the nightstand. I was so nervous at the idea of making out with the girl I had a crush on, for the first time in my life, that I dropped the dildo on the floor.

Before recovering it, she stuck her hand insider the pants, rubbing her clitoris right in front of my eyes. The view was so hot, that I aggressively pulled up her shirt and started licking her beautiful big nipples until they got as hard as two small rocks.

Lesbian love


“Oh, my God”, she mumbled, half-drunk, rubbing her clitoris faster. Nothing mattered anymore, there were no inhibitions, no norms, no gender. I took off her pants while she played gently with my tits, and then I began pulling the dildo in and out of her cunt. I continued doing that, as I felt the tension building throughout her whole body, until she came. She came so hard, that her body started shaking like a baby being cold.

The sweet smile on her face revealed pure satisfaction. That was everything I needed. Although she did not want to speak to me the following days, probably by embarrassment, I still remember her satisfied smile and think of her every time I get naughty and play with myself.

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