Queer representation in children’s animation has been getting better and better as the years go by, and while it’s nice to see so many new, inclusive titles premiering on so many networks, we wish some of our old-school faves would also introduce queer characters as well. Well it looks like Arthur might have just heard our prayers…

The long-running PBS Kids series (which has been airing since 1996) just confirmed that Mr. Nigel Ratburn, Arthur Read’s cake-loving, third-grade, Lakewood Elementary School teacher, is queer!

In the new episode “Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone,” viewers finally get to see Mr. Ratburn marry his husband! And it’s literally the cutest thing ever!!

While current Arthur viewers are probably a little too young for Twitter, when O.G. fans who grew up with Arthur in the ’90s & ’00s found out about Mr. Ratburn’s new husband, they (righfully) freaked out!

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