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Unfortunately Their Target Audience Of Fellas Aren’t Feelin’ The Look!

Talk about Pride month, right?! Fashion company ASOS, recently released some men’s crop tops and the internet is, of course, not having it! The brand is calling their male crop tops, “moob tubes” and selling them for fifteen dollars as a part of their “reclaimed vintage” line. The design is ultra femme. Being born and raised in the city of Chicago, I’ve actually already seen quite a lot of people dressed, by their own design, in the “long sleeve moob tube”. It’s actually quite a LEWK if you ask me, when it’s pulled off correctly. Yes, it’s completely out of the “norm” for a man to wear a literal tube top as seen above, but I mean, what is normal nowadays anyway? Is being normal, normal anymore? While I wouldn’t wear these, because I haven’t worked out a day in my life, I’m kind of totally for them!

However, the internet has spoken out against the brand. Check out some of the comments from The Shade Room’s Facebook post about the clothing:

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In support, some people have been comparing the tubes to ‘80s fashion style when men wore crop tops.

It’s Pride month. We all have to let our flag fly as high as we want. I think it’s a pretty ballsy reveal from ASOS, but I don’t necessarily think they will be flying off the shelves. Masculinity is terrifyingly sensitive. But, I hope I see these out at Pride this year!

Would you purchase one of the mood tubes?

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