There’s little left to the imagination (NSFW)

Reality TV star Austin Armacost left little to the imagination during his recent vacation to Cancun.

The Big Brother contestant posted photos to his Instagram account. Staying at the Paradisus Cancun resort, he’s clearly enjoying himself.

From the clear ocean water to comfy beds, there is definitely a major potential for vacation envy. But there’s also plenty to look at beyond the destination.

Some of the pictures below are very Not Safe For Work (NSFW).
He first posted a photo of himself working out two days ago, calling it a ‘holiday session’.

hot guy

Yesterday, he bared more — a lot more.

hot guy

He captioned this photo ‘post-coital’.

In January, Armacost came out as a ‘very asexual person’.

He further explained: ‘As much as I love getting my kit off and showing my bum everywhere, I am like a nun in bed.’

This, of course, does not have to indicate a life completely devoid of sexual activity but for Armacost ‘it has little to do with physicality’.

He then continued documenting his travels with a boomerang at the beach.

Finally, earlier today, he shared the downsides to a day in the sun.

Recently, Armacost got dragged by Twitter for tweeting a ‘brave’ selfie.

It certainly seems like he’s continuing to feel confident about his body, however, and, from the looks of it, he’s enjoying his vacation too.

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