Barack Obama congratulated the bisexual brain scientist who wore a rainbow turban for Pride in a tweet on Tuesday (June 4).

The former US president tweeted Jiwandeep Kohli to thank him for his work towards equality, and to wish his followers a happy Pride.

Obama said: “You’ve got a lot to be proud of, Jiwandeep. Thanks for everything you do to make this country a little more equal. Turban looks great, by the way. Happy Pride Month, everybody!”

The post has been retweeted 55,000 times and has almost 400,000 likes.

Jiwandeep Kohli Barack Obama rainbow turbanBarack Obama told Kohli he had a lot to be proud of. (Barack Obama/ Twitter)

Kohli replied to Obama to thank him for his support and offer him pastries.

He said: “I’m a fairly verbose person, but today I am lost for words. Thank you for your support and the complement, Mr. Obama. If I can ever repay them with pastries, please let me know!”

Many of Obama’s Twitter followers commented to make comparisons to Donald Trump’s attitude towards the LGBT+ community.

One follower said: “You are such a genuine and inspiring leader. I used to say ‘I miss Obama,’ and of course, I miss you in the White House. But I am so grateful for the continued example you set each and every day – just by being you. We need you now, perhaps, more than when you were in office.”

“It was nice to have a president who celebrated Americans of ALL backgrounds and faiths. America’s strength lies in its diversity and there’s nothing anybody can do to change or deemphasise this self-evident truth,” said another.

Jiwandeep Kohli Barack Obama rainbow turbanKohli told Obama he was lost for words. (Jiwandeep Kohli/ Twitter)

Sikh activist Simran Jeet Singh replied to the tweet: “President Obama sharing this story means so much to so many of us.”

Since Kohli originally posted the photo on Twitter on June 1 it has received 112,000 likes.


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