Billy Eichner (right) and Seth Rogen voice the iconic duo Timon and Pumba in the live-action remake of “The Lion King.” / Images via YouTube @BillOnTheStreet and Walt Disney Studios

Billy Eichner says he’d be thrilled to see more LGBTQ characters in family-friendly movies.

While talking to Buzzfeed, the “Different People” star shared his thoughts on being a gay actor in the Disney film The Lion King. Eichner shares that he’s happy to have access to a new crowd of fans and to take on the role of Timon, which was once voiced by comedic legend Nathan Lane.

“I’m glad that [director] Jon Favreau kept the tradition of Timon being played by a gay actor, with a certain type of comedic sensibility, alive,” Eichner said.

Eichner was then asked for his thoughts on how some fans of the original animated film pegged iconic villain Scar as being a gay coded character.

Eichner then added that he hopes to see entertainment characters in mainstream movies openly discussing and expressing/exploring their romantic desires/feelings.

That said, Eichner doesn’t want people to think Timon and Pumba are a Bert & Ernie situation.

“I didn’t think about him being gay so much as I thought, Well, I’m gay, and I have what some may consider a gay sensibility, and I’m going to bring that to the table, just the way that Nathan did. I’m certainly not going to shy away from it.”


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