Gen Z youngsters and younger millennials seem to love androgyny, and the fashion industry have taken a keen liking to it as well.

The idea of gender non-conforming clothing fits them like a glove when it comes to the runways, but can it get the general public fully on board?

Well, the brand ASOS has taken a bold step down the androgynous alley recently, and they introduced a wide assortment of crops and tube tops for men. The internet, however, is not quite sure how it feels about it.

Taking a cue from all the famous and gorgeous men wearing crop tops, ASOS decided to give their male customers the option to try their hand at the popular summer trend.
The website offers an extensive range of cropped top options for men, and it was a pair of tops from the Reclaimed Vintage collection that caught the internet’s eye.

The Reclaimed Vintage’s bandeau in black and the extreme cropped top with long sleeves are priced at £15 ($18.98), and they left the internet divided.

Others, however, had a different opinion about the crops for men:


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