From adult film star to rapper in one fell swoop. That’s the story of gay performer and DJ Brandon Wilde as of today.

In a new music video for his song “Love Or Lust,” Wilde takes on subjects like the so-called “haters” all while living his shining, shimmering fantasy.

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Joining him in the video are LA queens like Rhea Litre and Shangela’s drag daughter and fellow adult star Bambi, a.k.a. Liam Riley, along with a smattering of Drag Race alums like Farrah Moan and Eureka O’Hara.

Also featured are Cade Maddox, Angel, Nick Masc, Murray Swanby, JJ Knight, Tokyo, JoJo Guadz, Beau Banks, Kevin Benoit, Pierce Paris, Mirel De La Torre, Aurora Sexton, Eva Paradis, Yasmin, Stephanie Michelle, Barbie, Kalyd Odeh, Timothy Willy, Kiki-Hector Franco, and JD VanDuhrski.



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