Zane from Sean Cody (his tattoo is hiding underneath that armpit and flexed bicep)

A recently released scene from mainstream gay adult studio Sean Cody featured Zane — a muscular, furry, bisexual guy who has a tattoo on his right shoulder of the confederate flag within the state of Texas.

Embarrassed by the prospect of promoting a guy with a racist tattoo, the studio Photoshopped it out of Zane’s photos and blurred it out of his two video scenes.

Gay adult industry journalist Zachary Sire criticized Sean Cody for featuring Zane at all (link NSFW):

What’s interesting is that Zane is hardly the first gay adult performer to have racist tattoos. In June 2016, Sire discovered that Naked Sword and CockyBoys performer Cameron Diggs had German iron crosses and SS bolts tattooed on his body (link NSFW).

Diggs later claimed that he’s not a white supremacist but “When it comes to having kids, I prefer to stay inside my race,” which is… (ahem) kinda racist. His mixed race scene partner Mickey Taylor also claimed that Diggs wouldn’t have topped him if he was racist, which is nonsense. (Note: Having sex with people of other races doesn’t make you not racist.)

The gay adult studio College Dudes also released a scene in February 2018 featuring Michael, a tattooed guy with a confederate flag design on his hand (link NSFW). Michael later told Twitter followers that his tattoo was a “mistake” he made in prison when he was “led astray.”

Before any of you commenters start talking about how the confederate flag is merely a symbol of southern “heritage, not hate,” you can stop right there. It flew over states that supported the slavery of black people and was re-popularized in the U.S. by white southerners who opposed racial integration. So save that bull for your momma and keep that mess out of our adult videos, whether blurred or not.



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