Some users were angry when the reaction disappeared at the end of June.

Facebook has brought back the rainbow flag reaction emoji – just in time for Pride events across the UK.

To celebrate Pride Month in June, the social network allowed users to react to posts with a rainbow flag along with other reactions including Like, Love, and Wow.

However, users were upset when Facebook removed the reaction at the end of June, especially as a lot of Pride events continue throughout the Summer.

London Pride is this weekend, while other LGBT+ events are held across the UK in July and August.


In response to the criticism, Facebook has returned access to the Pride emoji for UK users. To be able to use the reaction, all you have to do is like Facebook’s official LGBTQ page, refresh a couple of times, and you should be able to react to posts with the rainbow flag.

There has been no word from Facebook on when the Pride reaction will disappear again, but we’re glad users are able to continue brightening up their feeds with the rainbow.

Have a happy and safe Pride!

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