Republican attorney George Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, called President Trump out for a cycle of “bizarre, irrational, self-defeating” and overall not “presidential” behavior, saying Trump “would have been fired from any other job by now.”

Trump on Sunday once again called CNN “the enemy of the people” and accused the network of wanting “our country to fail.”

The president also recognized in one tweet that is was “not at all ‘Presidential’” to attack the free press.

Conway tweeted that Trump is “not ‘presidential’ at all, period.”

“You’re mentally unwell. You engage in bizarre, irrational, self-defeating behavior, which prompts criticism of you, which triggers more bizarre, irrational, self-defeating behavior. You would have been fired from any other job by now,” Conway said.

Conway urged Trump to “resign and seek the psychological treatment you so obviously need,” going so far as to recommend a couple of books he thinks the president may find useful.

Conservative talk radio host and former lawmaker Joe Walsh also ripped into the president, tweeting: “The President of the United States once again called @CNN ‘the enemy of the people,’ and he actually said that CNN ‘wants our country to fail.’ I’ll say it again to anyone who will listen: That is dangerous, divisive, and un-American language for any President to use.”

Conway defended his assessment of the president’s mental health, tweeting: “What’s astonishing is the media’s and the nation’s utter failure to confront the fact that we have a psychologically unwell and unfit president.”

Former Senior Advisor to President Obama Dan Pfeiffer tweeted: “EVERYTHING IS FINE! NOTHING TO SEE HERE. THE PRESIDENT IS SUPER NORMAL.”


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