George Michael has left none of his almost £97.6m ($124.15m, €110.24m) fortune to his ex-lovers, it has been revealed.

The former Wham! frontman passed away on Christmas Day 2016 of natural causes.

George’s on-off partner Fadi Fawaz was one person notably missing from the will, which has been reported by . Almost absent was his former partner Kenny Goss.

Among those in the will are George’s longtime publicist Connie Filippello, his best friend David Austen and Shirlie Kemp, a Wham! backing vocalist.

An anonymous source told the publication that the 11 beneficiaries were from a ‘time warp’, because George knew them all when he was at the height of his fame in the 80s.

George’s Wham! bandmate Andrew Ridgeley was another absentee from the will.

His sister Yioda is in charge of making decisions regarding a further seven friends mentioned who can have payouts at her discretion. Yioda and and sister Melanie are both beneficiaries.

George was known for hits like Faith and also Outside. He sold over 80 million records worldwide.


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