We’re counting down to AIDS/LifeCycle 2019’s Day Zero—that’s the day before thousands of Cyclists and volunteer Roadies embark on their seven-day, 545-mile mile ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles!

For the next 19 days, we are highlighting 19 amazing Cyclists and volunteer Roadies in commemoration of the ’19 ride to tell us “Why I Ride.”

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Day 12: Jeffrey Wong
San Francisco, CA

Through my HIV prevention research at the University of California – San Francisco. I’ve gained a deeper understanding of HIV’s intersection with racism, queerphobia, and income inequality. Stigma keeps individuals from seeking care, but their resilience to keep laughing, loving, and hoping inspires me to ride.

Day 13: Ben Toubia
Los Angeles, CA

“When I was younger, I discovered the Los Angeles LGBT Center at a time when I could not afford medical care. The treatments and services I received at the Center were crucial to my health at the time, and now, it’s time for me to give back. The Center’s work is important to everyone.”

Day 14: Matthew Coppens
Madison, WI

“I ride to honor my friend who died of AIDS-related complications and to ensure that others who are living with HIV can live a better life than the day before. By raising funds, I’m helping those who are on the front lines of ending AIDS. I’m not a doctor nor a scientist. I don’t work in a clinic nor am I a therapist. I am, however, tired of watching my friends suffer and die from something that is preventable.”

Day 15: Andrea Vazquez
Sacramento, CA

“I volunteer as a Roadie because I feel great joy serving others—and my team The Bearded Ladies has become a second family to me. AIDS/LifeCycle is a weeklong visual representation of people’s courage, strength, perseverance, and determination to reduce stigma associated with HIV and to end AIDS. I will continue participating until we have a cure or affordable access to testing, prevention, education, and care for all.”

Day 16: James Diaz
Pacoima, California

“When I came out 11 years ago as someone living with HIV, there was so much stigma attached my status. However, in the last several years, more people—especially gay men—are learning about PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) and the fact that Undetectable = Untransmittable. I ride because the money we raise allows the Los Angeles LGBT Center and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation to provide vital services—and to continue educating others about the disease.”

Day 17: Cody Enicke
San Francisco, CA

“As someone living with HIV, I ride because I want to help fight the stigma associated with it. When I tested positive, I realized I had my own judgments about HIV. We all have internal stigmas as well as external stigmas received from other people. Let’s be strong and loving within ourselves so that we can be stronger and more loving for others.”

Day 18: Daniel Hill
Tamworth, Staffordshire, United Kingdom

“Here, in England, we don’t have anything like AIDS/LifeCycle which is a shame because it’s crucial that people from all across the world potentially make a massive difference in people’s lives and in the fight against HIV and AIDS. I’ve been preparing for the ride for just under a year, and I can’t wait to get out on the route!”


Day 19: Veronica Chavira
Santa Monica, CA

“As a high school student, I was deeply impacted when the AIDS quilt came to our school for display. I knew I had to make change. I began volunteering for various HIV and AIDS organizations in my hometown, which included distributing food to people and families impacted by the disease. I never thought I would get back on a bike since my college days, but I felt like the Universe was giving me a sign to get back on the bike for the best cause of my life!”


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