Celebrity friends of Ian McKellen are sharing their memories for his 80th birthday on Saturday (25 May).

Director Bill Condon, who made the Oscar-winning film Gods and Monsters, has a dirtier story than most.

Describing him as a ‘young spirit’, Condon recalled the time they went out to a Berlin sex club.

Speaking to , he said: ‘Last year, when we wrapped The Good Liar in Berlin, we went to a nasty club to celebrate. It was a really, really intense sex club but also an art installation in a factory.

‘I left them there at 4am, Ian barely dressed. It was wonderful.’

While Condon doesn’t confirm the club, it does sound a little like .

Russell Tovey also may have gone to the same club as Sir Ian.

He said: ‘When we were filming The Good Liar, we ended up in this club in Berlin. We sat out on the kerb drinking and everyone wanted to talk to him. He was so open – he loves a chitchat.’

But, sadly, for Dame Judi Dench, she missed out.

She told the paper: ‘He went to sex clubs in Berlin with people? Oh dash, I’ve missed out. I haven’t done that at all – and will take him to task for it.

‘But it would be heaven to go to his pub sometime, especially on a quiz night. My grandson Sammy takes part.

‘All my life I’ve thought up quiz questions and I think Ian is the same. I’ve just learnt how many eyes a scorpion has and I can’t wait to ask him.’

Patrick Stewart, close friend, also recalled when Ian married the two of them in a Mexican restaurant six years ago.

He said: ‘Ian – the only one in on this other than Sunny and I – suddenly stood up and pulled out a glamorous dressing gown. He opened up the papers and said he was going to perform the wedding ceremony, and the others were to be witnesses.

‘We were continually interrupted by waiters trying to refill our glasses, so Ian kept having to say: “Not now, just leave it alone for a minute.” He was getting quite irritable. Anyway,he did it beautifully.

‘He spoke personally and talked about his feelings for us. We all had margaritas and champagne, but he wouldn’t touch a drop until after the ceremony. He wanted to do it properly.’


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