An inspiring new video shows what it’s like for LGBTI people before and after they come out.

Produced by models, Michael and Zach Zakar, the video hopes to inspire young LGBTI people to not be afraid of living free.

‘Even though its 2019,’ the Zakar twins said in a press release. ‘We still see that coming out is difficult — may it be your ethnicity, location, or gender.’

They then added: ‘We’re seeing more LGBTQ media, but also more LGBTQ hate from the current political administration.’

Zach and Michael Zakar

Zach and Michael Zakar. | Photo: Instagram

So they teamed up with influencers and people within the LGBTI entertainment industry to ‘show young viewers still struggling that people you may look up to and follow have been in your shoes.’

They called the video Coming Out: Four Words or Less.

The video features people like Drag Race winner Jinkx Monsoon, YouTuber Arielle Scarcella and Pose actor Johnny Sibilly.

Editor’s note: Gay Star News’ Family Editor, James Besanvalle, is part of the video.

The Zakar twins have a about their coming out journey, entitled Pray the Gay Away.

In the book, they focus on their heavily Christian upbringing and their super religious mother.

‘Our mom would shove it down our throats,’ Zach joked to . ‘But honestly, we are who we are because of our upbringing.

‘The message of Christianity – and any religion – is acceptance and love for all. For me, I find a large group of Christians miss and forget that point if a person is X, Y or Z,’ he said.

Zach and Michael Zakar

Zach and Michael Zakar. | Photo: Zakar twins / Instagram

Over the course of the book, Michael and Zach recount their tumultuous childhoods. They were always close, but grew apart in high school when neither knew the other was gay.

They actually shared their coming out story on YouTube, in which they both hooked up with the same guy in high school.

But because some people couldn’t tell them apart, a rumor about one of them being gay spread through the school when it was actually the other twin who got caught.

They also have an app called My Twin Chat. It’s a text-based app that allows people questioning their coming out journey to talk directly to Michael and Zach Zakar.


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