Speaking with Yahoo Entertainment, Bass, who came out gay in 2006 and married Michael Turchin in 2014, said that while much has changed, the music industry “is still very homophobic.”

“We are definitely in a time where we can have an openly gay boy band member and complete band. Times have completely changed,” Bass said.

“I mean, the music industry is still very homophobic; you still have a lot of those record heads that are dinosaurs, and they’re just going to really have this homophobic look at us.”

“But times are definitely changing. Just look at the last five years, all these LGBTQ artists that are out and proud – and not coming out after they’re famous, but before they’re famous.”

“That never would’ve happened 10 years ago,” he added, possibly referring to Sam Smith, Olly Alexander, Janelle Monae or Tegan and Sara.


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