LEGOLAND New York will commemorate a half-century of the LGBTQ+ liberation movement and WorldPride by throwing the World’s Smallest Pride Parade.

The LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Westchester installed the tiny Pride Parade in their MINILAND exhibit, a miniaturized replica of New York City built entirely with Legos.

The display, which was inspired by New York’s iconic pride parade, took 25 hours to conceptualize, sketch, virtually build and construct.

The installation consists of two floats, one spells out “Pride” and the other says “Love.” It also features a colorful Stonewall 50 mosaic towering above the show and a rainbow of patrons, from clowns to unicorns, waving their Pride flags in celebration.

The Stonewall 50 mosaic is comprised of 750 Lego bricks — the same amount used for the entire parade below it.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester marketing executive Nicholas Hurst told NBC News that the Pride Parade exhibit furthers the toy company’s mission to be inclusive of every child.

“Playing is a universal way for every child and family to connect,” Hurst said. “LEGOLAND Discovery Center really makes sure all kids can come and not have any kind of stigma or judgement, and just be there to have a great time with their family and friends.”

Master model builder Willis Reifsnyder compared LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester’s commitment to diversity to the building of the installation itself.

“There are approximately 60,000 different Lego elements in different shapes, in different sizes and colors,” Reifsnyder said. “Each one’s unique, is important and serves a purpose… to create such vibrant art.”

According to LGBTQ Nation, this isn’t the first LEGO installation to celebrate the LGBT community.

England’s Discovery Centre Birmingham also added a Pride theme to their mini city scene which included their signature plastic effigies of the Village People.


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