Liam Payne in a picture dated to late spring / Photo via Instagram.

One Direction’s Liam Payne, now 25, certainly can grab one’s attention, can’t he?

The multitalented, thirst-trapping Payne lit up the internet and riled up his fans, and many of us, with a seductive shot posted by photographer Mert Alas on Instagram earlier today. The photo, provided in only slightly-cropped form below. As Jezebel‘s Maria Sherman put it, “I’m simply grateful to finally have been given a glimpse of his lovely rump.”

Instagram understandably went ballistic and shared many more of Liam’s finest, fittest photographic moments from recent memory, including a few of the artist’s own highlights.

Liam has blessed us repeatedly in recent weeks it seems.

(Fitness has been a constant focus for him lately, from boxing to [naturally shirtless] yoga, always with a charming smile.)

Liam has also been the handsome face of luxe design house Hugo Boss, including this high-style shoot re-shared widely today.

But the one shot by Alas that especially caught everyone’s eyes is (in slightly-less-cropped form than above) here:

Liam Payne and his positively sculpted back and bicep, posted July 10. / Image via Instagram, @mertalas

For the NSFW and very cheeky shot á la one famous Kate Moss shoot from the past, check out photographer Mert Alas on Instagram here

(Source: Hollywood Life)


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