A man in a gay bar in Melbourne, Sydney, wore a Klu Klux Klan outfit and said: ‘It’s not KKK, it’s gay, gay, gay.’

The incident occurred at The Laird, during Trivial Hirsute, a weekly trivia night that this week celebrated its sixth birthday.

, the man wore the outfit as part of a costume challenge during the night.

The Laird is Australia’s longest-running gay bar sat on 49 Gipps street in Abbotsford, an Australian suburb.

To celebrate the bar’s trivial night’s sixth birthday, hosts asked the teams to compete in a ‘dress-up’ challenge. Members had to utilize wrapping paper and sticky tape to dress a teammate to score points.

However, one team looked to the for inspiration.

Furthermore, trivia host Dean Arcuri told the Star Observer that following the challenge, an attendee approached him to reprehend the team for racism.

‘It all happened very quickly,’ he said.

‘We went on break immediately after the challenge and [the attendee] came with me out the back and talked to me about how it made him feel.

‘I then went out and spoke to the team about casual racism and about realising your own privilege in a space – about saying things “for a laugh” without realising how it affects others.

‘The team was shocked, and said it wasn’t their intent to offend. They said their intent was to make fun of white people.

‘So we talked about how to avoid creating spaces where people felt unwelcome in the future.’

One bar patron, named Kevin, shared a snap of the person dressed-up as the KKK member.

He tweeted: ‘Gotta love Australian racism.

‘Apparently joking about the lynching of African Americans is okay if you call it the “gay gay gay” at trivia.’

He later added: ‘Not super comfortable to be the only black person here while a room full of white men laugh at a KKK outfit.’

In a statement from The Laird, co-owners Brett Lasham and Mark Carney said the venue was dedicated to being a safe space for all GBTI people.

‘Moving forward, we will be more vigilant about scenarios such as this that can lead to creating an uncomfortable environment for anyone so that all can feel safe and respected when coming to The Laird,’ they said.


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