Sadly, people choose to be ignorant about what it means to be LGBTQ+ even in 2019 about whether it’s a choice or a born identity, and there are still a lot of children that are forced to leave their homes or hide their identities from their parents.

There are also many religious people that want to determine who you are allowed to love and how are you allowed to express your sexuality.

Well, Marlon Wayans is having none of it, especially when it comes to the trolls and ignorant comments coming onto his Instagram page to share their perspectives about his gay 19-year-old daughter Amai.

Wayans kicked off Pride Month by sharing a photo of Amai on Monday alongside a supporting and loving caption. This is what he wrote:

Even though most of the comments were supportive, there were people who decided to share their extremely ignorant comments. So, Wayans felt that it was his duty to shut them down:


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