Hello there, I’m a 15 year old young gay man and I’d like to bring your attention to the cause I am trying to champion. LGBTI Youth need to be able to connect with others like them, and im trying to help make that happen.


I’v started a new site SORA (Supporters of Rainbow Adolescents) of along with my parents to help kids connect with each other on the Internet, in real life and all over the globe.

To undestand the main ideology of our site here is our explainer video:

SORA – Supporters Of Rainbow Adolescents is a site dedicated to LGBTI teenagers. It is the centre peice to two sections of SORA.

1 – the youth group held in Noosa for LGBTI teenaers and their straight freinds

2 – Interviews of LGBTI adults about their lives.

Let’s support this guy in his undertakings!

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