gay couple

Reporter Jason Bellini of the Wall Street Journal recently braved a Trump rally in Cincinnati, where he ran into perhaps the only gay couple in the entire state of Ohio, possibly the nation, voting for the gay-hating, pussy-grabbing Republican.

“I’m pretty excited,” one of the men told Bellini.

When asked if they felt comfortable being affectionate with one another in a roomful of racists, sexists and homophobes, one of men replied, “Ain’t nobody said nothing ’bout it.”

Then he added, “I gotta lotta gay friends that support Trump.”

“Same here,” the other nodded.

And when asked why exactly they want Donald Trump to be the next president, one looked at the other and laughed, “Hmmmm, I don’t know baby… Why?”

His boyfriend quickly replied: “Tired’a the bullshit government! I work in the steel industry I see it hardcore at the trades and stuff. Time for a change. Trump’s the man for it.”

“Plus,” the other man added, “I really feel like he would bring more jobs to the country. Everything would be a hell of a lot better.”

See the young men explain exactly why they’re supporting a homophobic, racist, xenophobic, womanizer over a champion for LGBTQ rights in the video below:


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