Every child is an individual of its own and there are different things that take their interest and make them happy. As parents, the only thing you can do is support and respect their personality and give them all the love you can.

Today we are talking about this mother-of-three from Essex that reveals how her middle child that’s 5-years-old loves using make-up and dresses and she is not planning to take that away from him.

Rebeca Gill, a 35-year-old business owner of Essex, explains that her son Charlie asked for a dressing table and make-up for his birthday and jokes that he even applies it better than her.

She says she is proud of her son who is embracing his identity and she is not going to force him to conform, although admits she is a little bit worried since she is a very emotional and sensitive child.

The mother of three says that Charlie really comes to life when he is wearing wigs and dresses continuing: “When Charlie is dressed as a “boy” he doesn’t appear very happy. Don’t get me wrong he’s not miserable, but when he’s wearing a dress, wig and make-up he really comes alive,”. Rebecca explains that he instantly gets relaxed and even starts singing or dancing.

Charlie’s friends and family are mostly positive and supportive, with only a few saying it’s a ‘phase’ and teasing him for liking ‘girl’s’ toys.

Rebecca believes that his love for make-up comes from him watching her doing it and asking all kinds of questions about it. ‘Even when he is crying, something sparkly can always bring a smile on his face.’ she continues.

Charlie’s mother is happy that this made her feel more open-minded and she hopes to teach him that he doesn’t have to conform to things that make him unhappy or uncomfortable.


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