gay art

Gay themes in mythology are various, and we have a lot of examples from Greek or Roman Mythology, where gay sex was a normality. Homoerotic relationships between gods is a subject of intense interest. And all cultures have in their mythology same-sex stories and gay gods.


Portuguese artist Carlos Barahona Possollo (1967) has taken gay art to another level with his works depicting mythological creatures in erotic postures.

erotic paintings

Fauns and naked Gods are depicted in an album that explores the erotic nature  of these creatures. The photos are very explicit, and if you read Satyricon, the Latin work of Petronius, you might find a resemblance. The artist has put the beautiful, artistic images of the male form next to the idea of myth, fantasy, fairies and… eroticism.


erotic paintings

Carlos Barahona Possollo is among the artists who brings the male figure into contemporary works with roots in the past. Possollo has a range area of activity, as he collaborated with the Gouvernment for a series of postage stamps, and he created a series dedicated to Vasco da Gama’s travels. In contrast with exhibiting horny gods of mythology, Posollo is also specializes in portraits of the Catholic saints.

erotic paintings

Take a look at his work, and beware of adult content that might be in fact this evening’s delight!


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