Pete Buttigieg talking

Continuing on his rise from obscurity to political powerhouse, Pete Buttigieg defeats Donald Trump in a new election 2020 poll.

Longtime pollster Quinnipiac University released the results of the nationwide survey which revealed that five of the top Democratic candidates would best Trump if the election were held today.

Of the winning candidates, Buttigieg placed fourth over all in terms of his lead against Trump, beating him 47% to 42%.

Other Democrats fared even better.

Vice President Joe Biden beat trump in a 53% to 40% landslide; Sen. Bernie Sanders would win 51% to 42% in a match-up; Sen. Kamala Harris would win 49% to 41%;and Sen Elizabeth Warren would win 49% to 42%.

Sen. Cory Booker, whose campaign has struggled to find its footing since he announced his candidacy on February 1, even managed to make it on the list, tying Buttigieg’s spread, with a 47% to 42% win.

Further results of the survey had Buttigieg polling well among African-American voters, a key demographic the candidate had yet to win over in most polls. Still, Buttigieg doesn’t poll as well as other candidates like Biden or Harris, both of whom capture 80% of the African-American vote to the Mayor’s 74%.

Pete Buttigieg remains the first and only openly gay candidate to vie for the Presidential nomination of a major political party.


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