This week the gay man organizing “Straight Pride” demanded that “straight people be afforded equal rights,” George Michael‘s boyfriend learned he got nothing, and the hotly anticipated Tales of the City reboot drew one week closer. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

walked the beach.

found his shadow.

showed off.

and wore shades.

set out to get a tan.

sported a rainbow.

sat on a bench.

broke a sweat.

made it halfway to LA.

explored a boulder.

celebrated Pride.

and got matching undies.

went to Fire Island.

got some sun.

stood on the terrace.

stained his briefs.

got wet.

and took a bath.

spoke to Entertainment Weekly.

dried himself.

returned to New York City.

wore orange.

took a call.

had cake.

shared some advice.

channeled a Ken doll.

did some pull-ups.

took a shower.

And put his hand in his pants.


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