Older Guys Discuss The First Time Someone Called Them “Daddy”

Older Guys Discuss The First Time Someone Called Them “Daddy”


It’s started happening to us, and we’re not all too pleased: Younger bucks casually calling us “daddy.” Should we be faintly annoyed and more-than-faintly turned off by the whole thing?

At the very least, we’re far from alone in our torment. A Redditor named AskGayBros wonders, “Older gays, at what age did you start realizing guys were messaging you and seeing you as a daddy?”


Well. First off, we’ll take “daddy” over “older gay” any day, but moving on.

One commenter named TheBestof73  insists that 30 is “gay death”:

It’s the point you become completely unwanted in the gay community. You’re old, a creeper, a target for young gays who see you are a source of “generosity.” I didn’t think that shit was real until the most obnoxious thing happened to me.

True story. I was 29 and had been chatting with this 22yo on some site. It wasn’t anything serious, just hooking up type stuff. About two weeks or so go by before our schedules line up to where we can meet and fool around. We arranged to meet while on-line and before he left he asked me my age again. So happened, my birthday was the week before, and I mentioned that I had just turned 30.

No lie!He says “Oh, really? 30?? That’s a little outta my age range.” I remind him we met when I was 29, just two weeks or so previous but he says “29 is different..it’s not 30.”

Genialerarchitekt ardently disagrees with sluttydude0‘s assertion that 40 is when “Grindr e-mails you your death certificate.”

“It’s not true,” he says. ” ‘m 44 and get way more hookups now than when I was 30.”

And even more than when I was 20. It started when I was 40. Suddenly all the cute, slim twinks I used to want to be with but was too shy to ask are hitting on me. I have no idea wtf is going on. Please help, I can’t cope with so many hookups.


“I hate hearing ‘dad’ for anything sexual,” writes BrobearBerbil. “It just triggers my ick factor pretty hard.”

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  1. I prefer someone my own age. Being that I have a son who is almost 18, it creeps me out, and I find it insensitive being called “Daddy” that’s why I set limits as to how young someone can be for me to date. So 40 and up for me LOL ?