Sadly, SF’s iconic cable cars, like this one climbing at sunrise, would not be included in the rainbow rebrand. / Image via Amogh Manjunath

Pride Month might be over, but the feeling of pride isn’t. At least that seems to be the thinking behind nonprofit advocacy group Equality California’s latest petition, which seeks to turn San Francisco’s Municipal Transportation Agency (known locally as Muni) maps into permanent rainbows. 

As Curbed SF‘s Adam Brinklow reported on July 1, Equality California launched a “Ride With Pride” campaign, which Brinklow summarized as a movement “to slightly but critically change the graphics related to the city’s light rail network by switching around some of the colors associated with the routes so that they resemble the layout of the Pride flag.” 

This is a repeat of a similar campaign to move around the Muni map colors from 2018, but with San Francisco’s massive Pride celebrations over last weekend, Equality California might have a little more success this time. Hoping to achieve their goal so that it honors what would have been famed gay San Francisco City Supervisor Harvey Milk’s 90th birthday (on May 20, 2020), Brinklow reports the group’s effort with the “petition urging the city to consider the redesign [had] collected 10,000 signatures over the course of Pride weekend” alone.

If successful, the petition would more or less shift existing color codes for San Francisco’s six main underground lines around to form a top-to-bottom rainbow mimicking Gilbert Baker’s original design. (It wouldn’t exactly match the original, which had eight colors but, as Brinklow explains, “the six-color variation eventually became standard because it was difficult to source fabric for the other hues.” Hence, Muni’s new layout would honor the simplified version instead.)

The petition to extend SF Pride indefinitely can be found here

What do you think of this proposal? 

(Source: Curbed SF)


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