Indya Moore goes for the MAGA hat of an angry Trump supporter on the NYC streets.


Indya Moore, star of FX’s ‘Pose’ recently got into a scuffle with a rambunctious Trump support on the Streets on New York City.  In a video seemingly shot by the man in the altercation, Moore can be seen attempting to confiscate a large Trump 2020 banner from the sidewalk allegedly in front of the studio where she was filming. A woman out of the frame can be heard yelling to Indya, “That’s private property, sweetheart!”

There seems to have been some conflict between them that transpired before the video began recording because Moore expressly tells the man “Well…you’re not a fan of our show, and we don’t want you to be a fan of our show.”

Indya Moore stands up to an angry Trump supporter on the NYC streets.

Things quickly got physical with an aggressive tug of war over the sign between Moore and the Trump supporter. It became more intense as others intervened and the man began violently pushing Moore and the bystanders who were trying to deescalate the altercation. Ultimately and thankfully the NYPD arrived to break it all up as the video abruptly ends.

The video was posted on the Facebook page of Dion Cini, who some have speculated is the man who engaged in the heated confrontation. It appears to be him from what we see in his profile picture, and the same Trump 2020 banner appears behind him in the image.

Without seeing the entire video or having been a witness to it, I have no idea how it all began. Many are in the thread claiming that Indya was wrong for touching the man’s property, but we don’t know what prompted it. What I do know though is that he is the one who physically put his hands on her and others, which equates to a physical assault.

As you can imagine, many of the comments in the Pro-Trump thread are disgusting at best, but that’s no surprise there. It’s just another day in Trumpmerica.

Check out the video for yourself and feel free to chime in on Dion Cini’s wall and ours!



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