It’s been just over a year since the tragic Orlando nightclub massacre that claimed the lives of 49 innocent men and women.

And now, setting her sights on reviving Pulse for Orlando’s LGBT community, owner Barbara Poma has spoken to WFTV about the future of her nightclub.

She said:

“Pulse is going to reopen [in a new location].

“By reopening it, same name, the same format that we had, it just proves, you know, that hate will not win.”

Pulse survivor Orlando Torres is also in favor of the club’s reopening.

He said:

“It’s something to start new memories, as we’ve creaetd many memories here at the old Pulse.”

As for what will become of the original location, Poma rejected an offer from the city to turn the site into a public memorial, but says she intends to create a memorial of her own.

She said:

“It will be something other than a nightclub. Whatever structure, space, my hope for it, is an eternity.”

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