Iain Lee / Image via Instagram @talkradiouk

Radio’s Iain Lee has shared with the world that he identifies as bisexual.

The I’m A Celebrity star and radio host talked on TalkRADIO to deliver this confession and announcement. During the conversation, he explained that seeing a therapist after a car crash, and a divorce, revealed many inner thoughts and feelings.

“He’s helped me realize that I’m probably bisexual,” said Lee on the radio program.

“So I guess I’m coming out. This is me coming out, I suppose is how they would call it, at the age of 46, and I’m terrified by it.”

Unfortunately, that realization wasn’t all good news to Lee. He’s still in an adjustment period and he’s figuring out how this realization affects (or doesn’t affect) his life.

As Iain Lee tweeted out after coming out on the air, he’s thankful for all the support he’s gotten after coming out (though, there have been a notable few who say that Lee is just lying and seeking attention). Despite, or possibly in reaction to, those response, Lee said, “I’ll probably delete this tweet as I still feel embarrassed and ashamed and weird but I’m working on it.”

According to CocktailsAndCockTalk, Lee went on to add, “I’ve been reminded of a lot of stuff that kind of started when I was about 14 or 15 years old, and would involve me basically engaged in sexual acts with significantly older men.”

He then said, “This went on for quite a while, and I’ve always had a lot of confusion around it, because I started putting myself in these positions so that these things would happen again.”

Not only is Lee’s coming out announcement create visibility for bisexual men and people, but it’s also a great message for the power of therapy and mental health. Best of luck to Iain Lee.


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