anal sex
But what’s the truth behind anal sex? Why do most guys enjoy it?

Yes, homophobes included! Actually, if you’ve read our past published study findings, you should know by now that especially homophobes. But is it this actually a thing? Is it true that butt sex is appealing to pretty much most men?

anal sex
Is it true that butt sex is appealing to pretty much most men? –

Science says YES and, hey, who am I to disagree? But let’s take it one at a time. It is true that the studies have not been confirmed, thus it is still an uncharted territory, but what’s beginning to unveil is rather beautiful. It seems like around 30% of the straight guys love having anal with their partners. Strap-on, dildos, fingering, regardless of the method used, they all enjoy it. Maybe not all sex is about anal with them, but they surely love some attention in that area. But what about the rest of 70%? 30% it’s not most, right? Right. Now comes the fun part. An unknown percentage of those 70% (and the suggestion is a pretty significant percentage) think and fantasize about anal, but are afraid to consider it as a fact.

anal sex
An unknown percentage of those 70% think and fantasize about anal –

The reason is simple: they fear the impact that this would have on their sexuality. They feel less manly when doing so. Yes, as you have probably guessed, this attitude is especially strong within homophobes. But that doesn’t change the fact that they are also thinking about it rather dangerously often.

But what’s the truth behind anal sex? Why do most guys enjoy it? Because, you see, those who are most reluctant to try it and even deny they will ever have such an experience only invoke one main reason: it’s gross. But that’s it. Of course, another reason is the fact that it attacks their masculinity, since they assimilate this type of sex with being gay. Ok, we’ll give them that. But those who have experienced it, talking about straight guys, have actually enjoyed it. The reason? It is called prostate. Aside the fact that the anal and rectal regions are all full with nerve endings designed to create great pleasure during the penetration, you will also have prostate nerves which can be of great help.

anal sex
They assimilate this type of sex with being gay –

Which makes the prostate the male G-spot and it has been proven that some men cannot reach orgasm without prostate stimulation.

When reaching the point of orgasm, some enjoy using a butt plug or any other inserted object during the intercourse, because when the sphincter muscle stretches it combines with the pressure on the prostate and this may result in a lot powerful orgasms that will last longer.

To all those who disagree with the findings, I want to end up using a line from Constantine with Keanu Reeves:

“- I don’t believe in anal

  • You should, because anal believes in you.”

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