Credit: Andre Metoyer

I’ve been part of the bear community for over a decade and am so happy to see how we’ve blossomed.

I’m only in my early thirties yet have seen such a positive shift in our furry world since I first made my way inside legendary bear bar Rockbar back in the late 2000’s.

I’ve also heard countless stories from men older than me who have shared so many stories about how bears were shunned by many and the pretty boys were always the ones that got the attention.

Sorry fellas, but Its time for them to make room for us as we are here, queer, and enjoy a tasty burger with our beer.

The beauty that makes up the bear community knows no limits. There’s so much handsomeness on a worldwide level that you can’t just pinpoint one type that could be our poster boy.

The photos below prove that and then some. Its filled with all types of men that embrace who they are through and through. 

Here’s hoping that the bear community continues to flourish as LGBTQ acceptance grows bigger and bigger with each passing year.

Andre Metoyer

David Clarke

Nick Kern

Nerkolaus Lurenzone

Jeffrey Miller

Tony Banks

Jakub Dublin

James Vaughan

Dan Jimenez

Landon Ang

John Anganaro

Rick Londodo

Michael Angelo Impallaria Jr.

Alex Bowen

Tony and CJ Alaniz

Joe Monroy

Mikey Benjamin

Galen Todd Brisbin

Brendan Cook

Jeff Barua

Ayman Melton

Brent Heinze

Victor Scuderi Jr. 

Corey Chitwood

Bearonce Bear

Jason Nicholsen

Douglas Miller

Tracy Dixon

Jay Whymark

Mustafa Ali

Steve Scruffy

Jason Coleman

Enrique Rojas

Marco Rodriguez

Benjamin B. Benton

Tucker Graham

Brendan Kelly

Matthew Principe

Som Viswanath

Michael David

Jacob Catalano

Kevin August

Michael Carvajal

Derrison Steer

Justin Russo

Ron Rybnick

Andrew Clarke

Peter Pablo Meunier

Albert Fernandez

Mike Kilstrom

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