Singer/songwriter will make a special guest appearance as a part of Key West Pride, when he appears at the Key West Theater on Friday, June 7.

Wanderlust asked the always adorable Grand what he has in store for his time on the island, and will he squeeze himself into one of his trademark little swimsuits while he is there?

I’ve only been to Key West once–before I was even 21. It was the first vacation I took with my boyfriend. We only spent a few days, but I remember Higgs Beach was one of the most beautiful beaches that I had ever seen. So I’m looking forward to having a chance to make new memories in Key West when I get there.

Anyone that follows me on Instagram knows I like wearing a Speedo! I remember buying a very small yellow speedo in anticipation for my first Key West trip. The idea of wearing one has always been exhilarating to me, but once I was out there on the beach in it, I was feeling pretty shy. Especially when I caught anyone looking over.

I know its cliche to say, but confidence is key. Of course, it helps to exercise and take care of your body, but men of all different body shapes and sizes can look great by really owning it. Most people are fixated on their own insecurities about their own bodies, and that insecurity can be expressed in all different ways. So remember that anyone that may have a reaction to your choice of swimwear is probably thinking much more about themselves than they are about you. And also, nothing disarms folks like a warm, confident smile and a friendly wave.

Check out the men of all shapes and sizes in Steve Grand’s new music video, “Pink Champagne,” on his YouTube channel SteveGrandMusic

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