Proud citizens of Delaware mingled with the most diverse of its community, as the “first state” kicked off its first official Pride Parade last weekend! Kicking off the Pride festival in Dover DE, this was truly a landmark event for the state of Delaware, which is home to the extremely LGBT friendly Rehoboth Beach. As this year is the 50th anniversary of the landmark Stonewall riots, pride organizers decided to move the festival from August to June this year, which also coincided with many other National Pride month celebrations. 

Marchers and organizations that joined the parade were just as equally diverse; of the thirty-eight groups that marched in the parade, you could find everyone from the local roller derby teams, Delmarva Power, and community centers, according to Delaware Pride president Steve Newman. Of course, the parade would not be a true event without some drag representation, which was also in full effect to the obvious thrill of the crowd! Rehoboth Beach favorites Regina Cox, Ivy Blue Austin, & Fancie Charmington were in full rainbow regalia, and the Camp Rehoboth Community Center also had a significant contingent representing the amazing work that they do for the community as well. 

Many look at Rehoboth Beach as the epicenter of where most of Delaware’s “pride” can be found. One thing is clear though; this parade, held directly in the state’s capital of Dover, sends a very clear message; throughout the entire state, Delaware has quite a lot to be proud of. 

All Photos (unless indicated)  Courtesy: Jeanne Kuang/The News Journal)


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