It was so eye-popping when he wore it at school he had to cover up with a pair of sweats

When a gay teacher shared the Spiderman costume he was wearing to school online – he didn’t realize the thirst the Internet would have for it.

But the reaction of many of his new fans, sent the tweet viral with many tweets teasing – ‘open for a surprise’:

Spidey-senses tingling we spoke to the handsome Indiana teacher to find out how he’s found the reaction.

Tell Williams tells Gay Star News, ‘It’s been silly. I didn’t think people would go so crazy over a superhero costume!’

Turns out, the 26-year-old dresses up every year for the school’s Halloween party – and even better?

The kids in his class always decide the outfit. In recent years he’s also sported a Peter Pan and Robin outfit.

‘My students get to vote on the costume, and then I wear it to our Halloween party in class. They picked Spider-Man this year.’

But for those of you worried about the children seeing the slightly revealing outfit, don’t worry:

‘I definitely wore it with sweats on over the top.’

The internet’s thirst is real

‘There is nothing that’s more eye-popping about it than what you already see in the superhero films, or on a male ballet dancer. I thought it was just a cool costume!’

But the reaction has been wild, and Williams’s admirers have a strong gif game:

The reaction was all a bit more extra than what Williams expected.

‘Sure I knew there’d be a handful of people who’d mention it. But it definitely was surprised to see it was the majority. I think many thought I wore the costume as is in front of my class and to school. Which I did not!’

Being out at school is important to the gay teacher

Beyond this beautiful storm, Williams is also blazing equality forward too – by being out at school.

Indeed, he says he is open about being gay in every aspect of his life. In the classroom, he even has a photo of his husband pinned up on the wall.

‘They’re young so they don’t really understand different marriage dynamics. I just say “In my family, there are two Dads.” It’s about normalizing it. I want my students to know all families are built differently. It helps build tolerance and understanding.’


Ultimately, Williams says though teaching is hard, the rewards are huge – especially when you use the opportunity to bring some fun into the classroom.

‘We’re facing a teacher shortage across the board in the US and teaching is hard. Doing a costume day, or having little classroom parties are what keep me and the students sane. So I hope other educators remember to have fun, not take themselves too seriously.’

Although, if you’re planning a Spiderman costume and work with kids, Williams says: ‘If ever in doubt, wear layers!’

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