The ladies of The View discuss Pride MontThe ladies of The View discuss Pride Month (screen capture)

During Monday’s episode of The View, the gabfest was discussing the beginning of Pride Month when a recent tweet by Catholic Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence, Rhode Island, came up.

Bishop Tobin had taken it upon himself to remind Catholics not to attend Pride events this month because “they promote a culture and encourage activities that are contrary to Catholic faith and morals.”

Tobin added that Pride events “are especially harmful for children.”

The irony here is that this is the same bishop who acknowledged in 2018 that he “became aware of incidents of sexual abuse” in his diocese in the mid-1990s, but said reporting the allegations were not part of his “responsibilities,” and so, he remained silent.

And complicit…

Back to The View, one of the show’s co-hosts, Sunny Hostin, shared that she is a practicing Catholic and she would be attending a Pride event with her children because that’s “what Jesus would do.”

“I tweeted out that my Catholic children will be attending Pride events as this Catholic will,” she shared with her co-hosts. “And you know, my faith always taught me, ‘What would Jesus do?’ And I know Jesus would be attending that Pride parade, with pride.”

And the crowd goes wild!

But wait – there’s more!

“And I also know that God is love, Jesus is love, love is love,” she added. “For a Catholic bishop to come out and say something like that given the history of pedophilia in the Catholic church, given what the Catholic church has hidden about the abuse of children, some would say that being at a Pride parade would be much safer for a child than it has been to be in a Catholic church for many years.”


Cue Whoopi Goldberg dinging her bell six times.

Now, we love Ms. Hostin for the awesome support – and the epic breakdown of obvious hypocrisy by the church – but the story doesn’t end there.

Homophobic inhabitants of the Twitterverse started losing their minds attacking Hostin, and it got ugly quick.


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