A couple of queer guys scared off a Pride protestor by making out in front of him.

Twitter user Bi Nguyen posted a video of a Christian conservative protestor this past weekend at Twin Cities Pride in Minneapolis. The protestor is wearing an orange sweater with the words “REPENTANCE” and “JESUS” on it and is carrying a long-winded sign with the headline “GOD HATES PRIDE.”

Nguyen can be heard telling another boy “Daddy’s coming” before going in for a kiss, right in front of the hateful protestor.

And they didn’t just do a little peck on the cheek; they started making out.

People can be heard laughing and cheering in the video as the protestor picked up his sign and walked away.

“Happy Pride, bitches,” Nguyen wrote on Twitter, with the hashtag #GodIsGay.

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