Gay dads can’t be caring? Who told it? Today a lot of children live happy life being adopted and brought up in same-sex family. To have two moms or two dads – is it a big problem? Homosexual families become a common thing in our contemporary society. But there is one problem. Not every society accept such couples. It means that a lot of same-sex families should hide their love to each other and to children. But is it a big problem when two people want to create a happy family and make their adopted children or kids born by surrogate mothers happy.

Gays With Kids is an online community whose aim is to help gay dads navigate fatherhood. Now they are going to share 5 most popular and adorable Instagram posts of happy same-sex families.

From Houston, Texas, meet Brian and Corey with their two gorgeous kids (Texas, USA):

Christopher and Marty share a cute family selfie from the car (Utah, USA):

Meet Dads Dorian and Jared with their adorable son (California, USA):

Rodrigo and Nazareno share a cute selfie as they enjoy time in the park with their son:

From California, meet Torey and Jeff with their two adorable sons (California, USA):

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