gay couple

Couple PJ and Thomas McKay star in the makeover show “Down to the Studs.”

Couples who love to decorate and flip houses together are a staple on HGTV. Now it looks like the network might be following in the footsteps of TLC’s Nate & Jeremiah By Design with a show starring a gay couple who loves to design and decorate.

PJ and Thomas McKay, a married couple who refer to themselves as “The Property Lovers,” flip houses in their hometown of Chattanooga. And last weekend, HGTV aired the pilot for their new show called Down to the Studs.

It was test run to see which pilot had the biggest audience and social media interaction. PJ and Thomas say the pilot will re-air “hopefully sometime in the next couple of weeks,” but you can support them by using hashtag #HGTVDowntotheStuds.

Off-camera, the guys post a plethora of “awww”-inducing pics on Instagram and document their travels on theirYouTube channel.

Down to the Studs airs just a few months after Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, were criticized when it was revealed their church opposed LGBT rights.

In 2014 HGTV was set to air, Flip It Forward, starring twins David and Jason Benham. When the the Benhams’ staunch anti-gay, anti-choice views became the subject of controversy, the network pulled the plug.

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