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Tinder is giving users more options to express themselves in today’s modern dating world.

In honor of Pride month and in collaboration with GLAAD, the dating app is giving users more sexual orientation options on its program. Users are no longer limited to choosing one option on the app. They can now select up to three sexual orientations that they identify with.

Not only did Tinder make this update after talking to GLAAD, but it also listened to user feedback through a recent study conducted for the app. Tinder says the study found that LGBTQ+ respondents wanted more options to express themselves.

Image via Tinder

This update for more sexual orientations goes along with Tinder’s earlier “More Genders” update from 2016. That update allowed users to fill-in“I Am” and “More” slots to further express their gender identities. Users could also be found in searches for their preferred gender.

At the time, Tinder announced this change by saying:

This is just Tinder’s ongoing attempt to be more inclusive towards its users. Many other dating apps (gay, straight, or mixed) have attempted to do the same. As society, its people, and its understanding of said people change, companies like Tinder and co. will change to accommodate and better serve them.


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